Become a Pain Detective: Find Out What Triggers Your Aches

ID-100148433Whether you find yourself with aching shoulders or cramped leg muscles by the end of the day, aches and pains can be caused by a variety of factors. Many of these triggers are things you might not even think about such as texting a lot, wearing the wrong shoes, or a sudden weather change. If you can figure out what’s causing your pain, it’s much easier to solve your body woes.

If you want to alleviate or avoid pain, it’s smart to become a pain detective and figure out what might be triggering this unexpected ache. Here are some pain factors you might not have thought about when complaining about your latest ache, and several ways you can alleviate your pain.

Wearing flip-flops can cause leg pain.
If you tend to trot around the city in flip-flops during the summer months, you can experience foot, ankle, and knee pain. The lack of arch support in foam-soled or thin flip-flops leads to a chain reaction of problems in your legs that can make you ache. To avoid this pain, if you know you’ll be walking a lot, wear sneakers with ankle socks to help keep cool.

Texting too much can cause hand pain.
We all know about the risks of sitting wrong while typing, but texting can also trigger thumb and hand pain. Many people spend a lot of time on their smartphones while surfing, checking email, playing games, and texting friends. Younger people than usual are getting arthritis in the base of the thumb because of these activities. Make sure you take a pause from the phone when your thumbs ache and stretch your hands gently. Turn your phone off if you really need to avoid temptation.

A ponytail or headband can cause headaches.
Wearing your hair back in a ponytail or tight objects around the head like headbands or hats can cause headaches. Migraine sufferers are often more sensitive to these triggers than other people, so the next time you have a bad headache, think about what you’re wearing on your head and how your hair is styled. Wearing your hair down might just help your head!

Stuff in your back pockets can cause back pain.
Do you keep your phone, wallet, or other objects in your back pockets? It can put your back slightly out of alignment and cause pain by compressing the sciatic nerve even slightly. The larger the object (a fat wallet or big phone), the more risk you are at for muscle tension and pain. Try to keep objects in your hip pockets or take them out of your back pockets before you sit down.

We’ve all heard of grandparents who have hip aches when the weather gets bad or people who strain their backs by doing heavy lifting, but these triggers are the type of thing you do without thinking about every day. If you find yourself experiencing a consistent type of pain, think about your daily habits and activities involving the affected body part or those nearby. Being a pain detective is the best way to investigate potential solutions for your aches.

Alicia Bell suffers from arthritis and is always on the look out for ways to deal with the pain. She also enjoys sharing her findings with others by blogging on various websites. To learn more about Tylenol Pain Relief Medicine, visit the link.


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