Emotional pain caused by head injury

A head injury is such a diverse range of injury; it can go from a bump on the head to a cracked skull. The worst part of having a head injury is knowing that it protects your brain. The brain is the powerhouse of the whole body, it helps us to function in everyday life and helps use understand pain. So what is pain? Pain is when there is damage done to the body; the message is sent to the brain and it acknowledges the pain. Pain varies from person to person as we all experience pain differently; one person can find a particular feeling extremely painful while another doesn’t think anything of it. So what is the point of pain? Pain helps our body know when something is wrong.

Of course there isn’t just physical pain, there is emotional pain too. Like physical pain, it differs from person to person. Time of emotional pain that you might suffer is worry, anxiety, embarrassment and depression. After a head injury some people find that they become anxious without knowing why. They get the feeling that they are constantly failing at tasks or feel like they are being criticized. Most situations can become harder to handle after a head injury, especially situations which cause anxiety, for example being rushed, being in a crowd or having changes in emotion. Sudden feelings of anxiety can induce overwhelming panic attacks, this can happen due to a situation that makes the person remember or replay what caused the injury. This can interrupt sleep, and sleep-deprivation also hinders everyday life.

So how can anxiety, caused by a head injury, be handled? You could try to avoid environmental circumstances and unnecessary stresses which cause the anxiety. Anxiety can also be controlled by medication or counselling from a mental health professional.

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