Hospital Laundry Service is Important Part of Patient Care

ID-1004564Clean cloths and clean environment (surrounding) is important for good (optimal) health of any person, and clean clothes are very important for patient care in any health care setup, such as hospitals. Proving clean and hygienic clothes is very important for patient care and speedy recovery of patients in any hospital. Every hospital should have provision for providing clean and hygienic clothing for every patient they admit for treatment. Without providing adequate supply of clean and hygienic clothing to a patient a hospital cannot provide optimal health care. It is therefore of utmost importance to supply clean and hygienic hospital linen to every indoor patient.

Every hospital has a system for providing clean and hygienic clothing to their indoor admitted patients. Some hospitals have their own hospital laundry service within the hospital under their own management and some hospitals outsource the hospital laundry service to some hospital laundry outsourcing agency.

In every hospital it is important to change hospital linen daily with clean and hygienic linen, which is usually done in the morning. Every patient should be provided with clean and hygienic bed cover, mattress cover, pillow covers, blankets and other linen accessories used by patients (e.g. towels).

Availability of daily clean and hygienic clothing to every patient is important for patient recovery from disease as well as important in preventing hospital acquired infection (known as nosocomial infection), which account for a significant number of infections, especially antibiotic resistant infectious diseases. Because infection transmitted from a patient in hospital to another patient in hospital have high antibiotic resistance rate. Providing clean and hygienic clothing daily to patient carry a good psychological boosting, which is important for speedy recovery of patient.

If you own a hospital laundry is an important part of overall management of hospital. It is no less important than managing other important aspects in health care such as patient treatment. If you decide to outsource you hospital laundry service make sure you give it to reputed, time tested and trusted hospital linen/laundry outsourcing agency such as ImageFirst. The outsourcing service you select should be able to deliver clean and hygienic clothing to the hospital in adequate quantity and in time when required.


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