Know About Spasmodic Dysmenorrhea

ID-100111144Out of the three main types of dysmenorrhea, spasmodic dysmenorrhea is the most common type. It is said that almost half of adult female population suffer from varying degree of spasmodic dysmenorrhea at some time of their life. But only 10% of them will seek medical attention for the problem. It is generally taken that if a patient’s main problem is dysmenorrhea than it is spasmodic dysmenorrhea. This is because the main symptoms of other two types of dysmenorrhea are not dysmenorrhea but abdominal pain, menorrhagia etc.

The clinical symptoms of spasmodic dysmenorrhea are characteristic and the pain starts on the first day of menstrual bleeding, when severe excruciating lower abdominal pain is felt that last for a short time of approximately 30 minutes to one hour. This pain is severe and intermittent and spasmodic in nature and can lead to nausea, vomiting, fainting and collapse. Sometimes there may be mild shock if the pain is very severe. This initial severe pain of short duration is followed by less severe type of pain that is felt in the lower abdomen, pelvis and sometimes down in the antero-medial aspect of thigh. This pain usually lasts for less than 12 hours.

But there can be variation of symptoms mainly pain in spasmodic dysmenorrhea, to a great extent and it should be realized. Sometimes severe discomfort may start a day before menstrual flow and may persist for more than 12 to 24 hours. The premenstrual pain is felt in the back or in the lower abdomen and lead to excruciating pain felt during first day of menstruation. The presence of premenstrual pain does not mean it is congestive dysmenorrhea, but this a variation of spasmodic dysmenorrhea. The severity of pain very greatly, sometimes it causes extremely severe pain causing shock and incapacitating the woman from her employment. The severity of pain can be determined by asking the patient about vomiting, fainting and degree to which the woman is incapacitated.


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