Risk of HIV Transmission Among Healthcare Workers

ID-100148703The problem with a viral infection is the non availability of curative anti viral antibiotics or in other words at present there is no viral infection which can be cured with presently available medicines. Most common viral infections such as common cold or flu are managed symptomatically and fortunately infections like flu subside by itself with time and symptomatic management.

HIV infection is a fatal infection. An HIV infected individual will eventually succumb to the infection, although the duration of survival varies from person to person after contacting HIV infection. There are no antiviral medicines which can destroy or eliminate HIV from an infected individual. Not only HIV, at present there is no antiviral medicine which can effectively eliminate a viral infection, the way antibacterial antibiotics can eliminate bacterial infection.

Due to absence of truly effective antiviral antibiotics the mainstay of management of viral infections is generally done by symptomatic management or by use of effective vaccines. But, unfortunately till now the efforts of developing an effective vaccine for HIV has not yielded any positive result. The development of an effective vaccine for HIV is also seems to be not near, at least by present scenario. The problem in developing an effective vaccine for HIV is the ability of HIV to mutate very fast, so if a vaccine is developed for a particular strain of HIV, the vaccine will not be effective, as the virus might have mutated already. So at present the best is to prevent HIV from spreading to other people and to manage the HIV infected individuals with the available anti retroviral drugs as best as possible. The use of antiretroviral drugs can reduce the rate of HIV transmission to a great extent.


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