Should You Use Phentermine?

ID-10073371Phentermine is an appetite suppressant drug that is approved (including USFDA) for use in obesity. Since 1959, the year of FDA approval of Phentermine, it is being used for various medical conditions, including weight reduction in obese people. Phentermine is an amphetamine class drug with many similarities to amphetamine. Phentermine should not be used for more than 2-3 month as it does not have weight loss effect after 2-3 months of use, as Phentermine develops tolerance to the appetite suppressant effect and if continued for more than 3 months it may cause rebound weight gain, which will frustrate the obese person taking Phentermine.

If dietary restriction, regular physical exercise lifestyle modification etc. (which are general measures of weight loss program) are not followed strictly, Phentermine may not give the desired results and fail to reduce weight in obese individuals. All these general measures are also required for maintaining body weight after losing it, as Phentermine is not useful in maintaining normal body weight after bringing it down to normal.

Obese people:

Phentermine can be used by obese people to reduce body weight. Obesity is the term used when BMI (body mass index) of a person is more than 30, which is below 25 in normal individuals. If a person’s BMI is 25 to 30 it is termed overweight. Phentermine should be used by obese individuals (and preferably by individuals with BMI more than 35 when some other medication or method of weight reduction like diet and regular physical exercise has failed) only and not by overweight persons. Phentermine should not be used as first line treatment of obesity, it should be used for short term of 2-3 months only and when other methods are not working or suitable for a particular obese person. All these precautions are taken before starting Phentermine, because of addiction liability and certain potentially serious side effects and also Phentermine is not useful in long run. Phentermine can help in reducing weight in obese individuals, if combined with exercise, diet and behavior modification, but it can not sustain normal body weight in long term and for this reason Phentermine used for short term only.

Overweight people:

Phentermine should not be used by overweight people and it should also not be used for cosmetic purpose (you are overweight and want to look better for cosmetic reason; in this case Phentermine should not be used and instead other method or drug should be used which do not have disadvantages of Phentermine).


Students should not use Phentermine before exam or any other time for studying better and to improve alertness and wakefulness, which are some of the properties of Phentermine and other amphetamines. Phentermine and other related drugs also have addiction liability, which is a reason why a student should stay away from Phentermine, not to mention the side effects.


Athletes should also not use Phentermine, despite it improving stamina which is for short duration only. Phentermine is included in the dope tests and can be detected anytime, which can destroy career of an athlete. Besides, Phentermine on long term use deteriorate performance and stamina of athletes.


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