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Important Techniques of Breast Feeding

ID-10098815Ideally breast feeding should be started as soon as possible after delivery and it is good to start breast feeding within one hour after delivery. Sometimes there may be some problem in breast feeding at the beginning as the baby may not be able to suckle properly or the mother may not be able to nurse properly or there may be insufficient milk production.

The first milk known as colostrum is yellowish in color and thick which is packed with all the nutrients needed by the infant and also has substances that protect the infant from infections by fighting them. The colostrum is very essential for the baby. After the expression of colostrum the flow of milk in mother’s breast increases for few days and enough milk is produced for the baby’s requirement. If the mother is relaxed, the milk production normalizes within few days after delivery.

The mother should touch the center of the check of the baby or the center of the lips with the nipple which stimulates the baby to open mouth, which is known as “rooting reflex”. This is called so (rooting reflex) because this makes the baby to identify the nipple of the mother. When the baby suckles the nipple along with areola (dark brown skin which surrounds the nipples) should be inside the mouth of the baby. The lips and gums of the baby should be around the areola while suckling. Read more…

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Four Common Problems During Breast Feeding

ID-100172969Many problems may arise while breast feeding. Some of the problems that arise during breast feeding are technical (due to faulty technique of breast feeding, which may be due to some customs, traditions and taboos) and some of the problems are due to medical reasons. The common medical problems that may arise during breast feeding are mastitis (which is inflammation of the breast tissue), cracked nipples, inverted nipples or general health conditions like fever.

  1. Mastitis: It is inflammation of breast tissue, which is generally due to infection and is characterized by swelling, redness and pain in the breast. This should be treated with appropriate antibiotics. General physician should be consulted for treatment.
  2. Cracked nipples: This may arise due to improper and faulty techniques of breastfeeding, which causes soreness of nipples. The treatment of soreness of nipples due to cracking of nipples is keeping the nipples dry and warm, and regular washing with plain water. Nipples should not be washed with soap. Only medical grade and high quality lanolin should be used for drying and covering the nipples and other than human (self) milk nothing should touch the nipples. Instead of doing good the use of creams and lotions may actually harm and make the problem worse. Read more…
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