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Treatment of Nail Fungus Infection

Fungus infects nails and more commonly toe nails (less frequently finger nails). Fungal infection of nails may be very difficult to treat properly for complete cure. Fungal infection of nails (both toe nails and finger nails) begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of fingernail or toenail. The infected nail/nails may become discolored, thick and have crumbling edges, as the fungal infection spreads to the deeper into nail. The condition may become painful, which prompt most patients to seek medical attention. The infection may also recur after successful treatment, especially if you continue to get exposed to conditions favorable for fungus growth and infection such as warm, moist conditions.

There are several different forms of treatment of fungal infection of nails; including over-the-counter medications antifungal nail creams and ointments, although they are not very effective. Ideally the over-the-counter antifungal medications should be avoided, as they can not be relied upon, for a complete cure.

The antifungal antibiotics are very effective in curing and eliminating the fungal infection of nails, although they can do little to prevent re-infection. The most effective antifungal antibiotics for treatment of fungal infection of nails are terbinafine (available as Lamisil) and itraconazole (available as Sporanox). These antifungal antibiotics are taken orally and highly effective for complete cure.

The oral antifungal antibiotics are used when patient has certain medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, history of cellulites, or if the infection is severe and unlikely to be cured by topical agents.

Other treatment options in fungal infection of nails include topical medications (if the fungal infection is mild to moderate severity), surgery (for extremely severe and painful conditions) etc.

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Treat Nil Fungus with Tea Tree Oil

Infection of toe nails with fungus is a common health problem across the globe. Treatment of fungal infection of nail (including toenail) is not easy and need use of systemic anti-fungal antibiotics, which are potentially toxic with some serious side effects. The systemic anti-fungal antibiotics has to be used for long duration (may require treatment for 4-8 weeks) for complete cure of toe nail fungal infection. The administration of systemic anti-fungal antibiotics for long duration increases the risk of serious side effects.

Many individuals do not want to accept the risk of serious side effects of systemic anti-fungal antibiotics (although the risk is not high) and search for alternative solution to treat and cure infection of toe nails with fungus. For these types of individuals, the tea tree oil can be very helpful in treating adequately the infection of toe nails with fungus without the risk of serious side effects, which are associated with use of systemic anti-fungal antibiotics for cure of toenail fungal infection.

These days many doctors trained in Western Medicine (medical graduates) are also prescribing the use of tea tree oil for treatment and cure of toenail fungal infection to patients who do not want to take systemic anti-fungal antibiotics due to risk of side effects (or simply they do not want it) and some doctors are prescribing the tea tree oil for treatment of toenail fungal infection even before giving anti-fungal antibiotics. The number of doctors prescribing tea tree oil for treatment that can cure toenail fungal infection is only growing.

If you have fungal infection of your toe nails, do not worry if you are doubtful about the use of anti-fungal antibiotics, because there is a highly effective alternative cure for toenail fungal infection.

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