Tips To Maintain Your Holiday Weight Loss

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You’ve striven hard to get the body you desire for your long-awaited summer holiday. You’ve toned up, trimmed down a few excess pounds all to feel good in your bikini or swimming shorts. And it feels fantastic! So why does this have to end after your holiday?

A quick fix is fine, and you’ll enjoy your new body for your week away in the sun but a lifestyle overhaul will make you feel even better. Instead of extreme dieting or cutting out the good stuff all together (as let’s face it we have to treat ourselves) a balanced and varied diet will ensure you keep those extra pounds off.

Here are some top tips to maintain your holiday body in a healthy, sustainable way!


  1. Set realistic goals

Do set yourself a challenge but don’t be unrealistic about it as you’ll only set yourself up for failure and you’ll ultimately feel deflated. It’s important that you monitor your progress not only to see where you’re heading but to see how far you’ve come.

  1. Eat regular meals

All too often people will skip meals in a bid to lose weight, it simply won’t work! Instead eat regularly throughout the day as this will burn calories at a faster rate. Eating wholesome, nutritious meals will also help to banish those cravings for sugary snacks.

  1. Don’t give yourself a ban

Saying ‘I can no longer eat chocolate’ will just make you crave it even more. Instead, consume it as a treat or when you’ve achieved one of your set goals. You could also look into healthier options of your favourite guilty snack, for example dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao is much better for you than milk chocolate so why not try this option? Chocolate used to be my downfall, but now I limit myself to a maximum of two squares of dark chocolate per day and this satisfies my cravings.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water is needed to keep our bodies ticking over, it maintains not only our health but helps us to protect our joints, regulate our body temperatures and increase concentration. Are you aware that just a 2% decrease in body water can cause a shrinkage of the brain resulting in extreme fatigue? Water also encourages a faster metabolism and helps you should more calories when exercising so it really does offer many benefits!

  1. Get moving

Whilst a healthy diet is extremely important, an exercise regime that you can stick to will get results quicker and your body will love you for it. This can work to your budget whether that be zero pounds or a thousand pounds! Home exercises such as squats and lunges are great to tone up, and they’re free! If you have the funds for a personal training service then I personally recommend this. My personal trainer in Bedford has helped me to understand food, my body and personal needs.

  1. Watch your portion sizes

If you’ve just come home from holiday you’ll no doubt have become accustomed to larger portions than at home. We’re all weak to a continental buffet breakfast, but make sure you downsize back to regular portions once you’re home!

  1. Be aware of your alcohol intake

Say goodbye to holiday style cocktails! Try and maintain your alcohol consumption to a treat at the weekends as there are a lot of hidden calories in alcohol. The lowest calorie option alcoholic drink is a vodka and soda water! Add a slice of fresh lime for a kick – but don’t have too many!

  1. Gain support

A healthy lifestyle won’t work if your partner or friend are trying to lure you away with chocolate, crisps and cakes! Make sure you’ve got a good support network who will encourage and motivate you towards your goals.


Tilly-Jayne is a health enthusiast, vegetarian and freelance writer currently writing for The DVCC.

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