What Can I Expect from Rehab?

The fear of the unknown can prevent people from trying new hobbies, visiting new places – and seeking help when needed. Enrolling in a rehabilitation program can help change your life forever. It can help you forge a life based on sobriety and health, instead of alcohol and substances. However, the fear of the unknown can prevent you from pursuing an extremely rewarding way of life. Learning what you can expect from rehab can help mitigate this fear, since you will have more of an idea what you will be experiencing.

Bear in mind that each rehab facility will offer different treatment programs. Your dependency on drugs or alcohol will be entirely unique, and you will receive a unique treatment plan. However, there is a general format that most rehab facilities will follow, for example drug rehab programs in San Diego, CA.

Immediate Detox and Withdrawal Therapies

An inpatient rehab facility begins by detoxifying your body and providing treatment for withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification is the process in which all toxins and substances are removed from your body. Some facilities may require you to be clean and sober before entering rehab; others will provide assistance with this difficult area. Be sure to investigate their admission standards before enrolling in a rehab program.

Detoxification by itself is not a form of treatment; it will be coupled with behavioral-based therapies and medication.  This process coincides with addressing withdrawal symptoms. There are several methods of treating withdrawal symptoms:

  • Observation – During this method of treatment, you will be connected to equipment that observes your heart rate, breathing patterns, blood pressure and various body fluids. Professionals ensure that you do not slip into a debilitating status while your system goes through withdrawal symptoms.
  • Sedation and Tranquilizers – Depending on the severity of your situation, you may be sedated. This is because withdrawing from alcohol can often be intensely damaging to your nervous system. Sedation will relax your nervous system, and make the entire process easier. Tranquilizers are often used after heavier sedatives to reduce lingering symptoms.

Facility Life, Education and Counseling

After you have been detoxified and have passed through the more serious withdrawal symptoms, you will receive a tour of the facilities and an introduction into how your daily life will transpire during the duration of your stay. Each facility will offer unique amenities and treatment options. For example, a rehab alcohol center in Florida will typically offer different amenities and education than one located in Texas.

Education and counseling are the core functions of a rehab facility. These treatment programs attempt to help you find the root of your addiction, which will help create a lasting sober lifestyle. Education consists of understanding the nature, dynamics and effects of alcohol and alcoholism. Counseling programs will teach you how to cope with urges, identify triggers and understand why you are drawn to drinking. It will impart skills that will teach you how to live with any substances. Counseling will typically consist of a mix of group and individual sessions.

Seek Treatment Now

There is no need to delay ending this damaging habit. Drinking can severely shorten your life and present you with a gambit of health issues. Now that you have a general idea of what to expect, there is no reason to avoid pursuing this meaningful treatment.

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